ISLAMABAD: Finance Minister Ishaq Dar claimed on Friday that the tax-to-GDP ratio went up to 9.45 per cent from 8.4pc in the last couple of years.

Revenue collection increased by 33pc during the period under review, Dar said while speaking at the Chief Commissioner’s Conference at Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) headquarters.

The conference discussed issues, like handling of court cases, broadening of tax base, effective utilisation of data, facilitation and education of taxpayers, motivation of FBR’s workforce and making the sales tax registration easier.

The minister asked the chief commissioners to simplify procedures for filing of tax returns to facilitate and encourage prospective taxpayers and expanding the tax net.

He urged the political parties to unite on the Charter of Economy which he had been advocating from time to time.

The minister further claimed that Pakistan in 2015 was completely different from that of 2013. From being a merely two-tranche country, we have come all the way and undertaken seven reviews with the IMF. The 8th Review will commence in a week’s time, he said, adding “we wish to consolidate our economic gains and move towards the goal of economic prosperity.”

However, contrary to the claims made by the finance minister, revenue collection witnessed a shortfall in the last two years. Realising this factor, Dar urged the FBR to do its utmost to achieve revenue target of the current fiscal year.

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