The Institute of Bankers Pakistan (IBP) is Pakistan’s only recognized Institute dedicated to providing technical training services for the banking industry in the country. The Institute’s mission is to train and develop a sound human resource base for the financial sector and to work for continuous learning and professional development of bankers.

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Established in 1951 with the technical support and partnership of the Institute of Bankers (UK), IBP is a not-for-profit entity incorporated under the Companies Ordinance 1984. At the time of inception, the IBP was formed with the sole purpose of administering the banking diploma program, earlier known as the DAIBP program, which has now been revised and renamed to the IBP Superior Qualification (ISQ) certification. Over time, IBP’s scope of activities has significantly broadened and apart from offering and conducting the ISQ certification, the IBP also provides the following services:

  1.       Training
  2.       Assessment Services
  3.       Research and Publications
  4.       Academic Support to Universities

IBP aims to provide a strong technical training platform for on-going personal growth and a reliable yardstick for assessing the quality and depth of knowledge and skills acquired. The breadth of training, education and professional development programs at the Institute cover all major banking disciplines including: operations, branch banking, consumer, credit, risk, compliance, governance, Islamic Banking, SME, microfinance etc.

The Institute caters to the needs of the industry professionals and its members as well as prospective entrants of the banking industry.

IBP also has a vast local touch point with participants, as the Institute delivers programs in nearly all big and small cities of Pakistan regularly. Regionally, IBP has served the markets in Central Asia and Middle East.

Geographic Reach

11 IBP offices across Pakistan |Additional non-presence Coordinating Offices Countrywide| MoU with 6 Universities and Business Schools| 125 Visiting Faculty | 200+ Training Programs offered annually

Organizational Structure

IBP is a not-for-profit corporate entity established under Companies Ordinance 1984. The management of the Institute rests with the Council which in effect operates as a Board of Governors of the IBP.  The Governor, State Bank of Pakistan is the President of the Institute and the Chairman of the Council. Furthermore, the Chief Executives of the major local and foreign commercial banks are members of the Council and are elected by the IBP members for a tenor of three years.

The IBP Council consists of a Chairman (the current Governor, SBP), ten Elected Members (CEOs of Banks), one Member nominated by the Chairman and one Member co-opted by the Council to represent the interests of co-operative banking (optional).

The Institute also has oversight committees to assist in its operations including the Academic Board, Finance Committee, Audit Committee, Editorial Board, Human Resource Committee, Building Committee and the Board of Trustees.


To be the premier financial sector knowledge institute of international standard and repute.


To train and develop a sound human resource base for the financial sector and to work for continuous learning, adaptation and application of knowledge.

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