Karachi—Sindh Bank Limited has entered into an agreement with 1LINK (Guarantee) Limited for their recent launch of Domestic Payment Scheme-PayPak. This initiative will provide affordable, safe, and efficient alternative to existing banked population of Sindh Bank.

Azimullah Khan, Acting CEO 1LINK (Guarantee) Limited, speaking on the occasion said PayPak launch is a step towards achieving strategic goal of financial inclusion of unbanked and underserved population of Pakistan in the documented economy and providing robust and modern payment system. PayPak is the ideal solution for Sindh bank to design their G2P programs and target un-served population with a low cost card.

Tariq Ahsan, President & CEO of Sindh Bank, shared his views, “by appreciating the efforts of State Bank of Pakistan by introducing this localized version of debit card which would reduce the outflow of foreign currency from Pakistan and is hoping to have a mutually beneficial business relationship between PayPak and Sindh Bank.”

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