KARACHI: The launching ceremony of the integrated national bourse, the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE), would be held in Islamabad on Jan 11, 2016, the KSE announced on Tuesday.

The PSE is slated to be created by the integration of the three stock exchanges in Pakistan, currently located in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. The launching is to be held with much fanfare for which international fund managers and high-net-worth individuals have been invited besides local dignitaries, the KSE said.

The integration of the exchanges would complete the second phase of the Stock Exchanges Demutualization and Integration Act 2012, which was passed by the joint session of parliament.

“With the completion of this process, Pakistan’s capital market shall enter into a new era of growth and development, as it will encourage wider participation of all classes of investors, including retail, across the country,” the KSE said.

Moreover, the integration would also help enhance the operational and information efficiency of the country’s capital market as well as increase its transparency, depth and liquidity, it added.

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