President Secretariat has saved Rs. 224 million in the last nine months by cutting down on expenses as part of an austerity drive, a statement from the secretariat said.

The (direct and indirect) savings are in line with the directive from President Arif Alvi to cut down on expenses without affecting the efficiency of operations and services.

In the financial year 2018-19, the total spending of President Secretariat was 6.1 percent less than the allocations – unlike previous governments that consistently faced a budget deficit, the statement added.

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As part of Indirect Savings, the President’s security staff now travels in the PAF routine maintenance flights instead of dedicated C-130. Likewise, the President himself uses commercial flights for national and international travels, saving Rs. 112.7 million.

Moreover, the President has also allowed all the Ministries to hold their mega events at Aiwan-e-Sadr instead of 5-star hotels, relieving another Rs. 10.2 million burden on the economy.

The statement added that the Presidency has also clamped down on the inefficient and exorbitant energy usage after conducting a comprehensive energy audit.

President Alvi has also reduced his travel entourage from 36 to 16 officials, saving Rs. 5.8 million.

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The presidency saved another Rs. 38.4 million by employing fewer people than approved.

The Aiwan-e-Sadr surrendered 10% of its budget under Conveyance and Motor Cars and 20% of Telephone and Internet budget.

In addition to this, 5% of Utilities, 41.1% of Misc. Capital Assets, Printing & Stationary, Postage, etc., and 80% of Discretionary Grant funds have been surrendered to the Government of Pakistan.

Moreover, the President Secretariat has put vintage vehicles up for auction – a move that will not only cut down on their maintenance cost but will also generate revenue.

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