ISLAMABAD: The National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) has planned to surpass the 1,500 domestic branches and 1,500 ATM mark by end of 2017 thus bringing more closer to its customers, Banks sources said.

The NBP having 1,409 branches in Pakistan and 25 overseas branches in 18 countries, has the widest network coverage in the country. With the largest rural franchise and presence in all urban commercial centers of the country, National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) is truly everywhere, from the most far out posts amongst mountains, deserts, cities and villages to the metropolitan cities.

The Bank’s rural network, they said has played a pivotal role for growth and advancement of agriculture financing, in the country, the back bone of the economy. NBP is also at the forefront to play a role for increased financial inclusion and social uplift of the local population, and the choice bank for government led disbursement for various social and economic programs.

“The Bank’s strategic alliances with Telecos with over 150,000 agents, over 1300 ATMs network and other technology driven delivery channels has given the Bank even a more wider access to its customer base”, sources claimed.

The Bank has expanded its domestic branch network by opening more than 65 branches in the country. Realizing the need and potential of Islamic banking NBP Aitemaad Islamic Banking branch network is rapidly increasing from just 18 branches in 2013 to 118 branches at present thereby making NBP Aitemaad the 2nd largest Islamic Banking Window (IBW) amongst conventional banks.

The NBP, they said has opened a number of special project branches and are operating in most of the restricted cantonment areas to serve the armed forces exclusively.

Most of these branches/ ATMs are being operated on non-commercial basis for the welfare of the local population.

Exclusive supplementary ATM cards and specialized rates on “Advance Salary” product for Pak Army personnel are evidence of the Bank’s commitment to this segment of the population, they remarked.

They said that NBP had always stood hand in hand with the armed forces /law enforcement agencies and the country in the hour of need, whether the country faced natural disasters like earthquake or devastating floods or when there was the issue of settling the internally displaced persons (IDPs), NBP has always come forth in terms of financial contribution under corporate social responsibility or else to provide a number of banking services (free of cost) for the nation.

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