KARACHI: After saving your money for years, JS Bank is now saving energy for you. JS Bank has been at the forefront of innovative solutions that provide unparalleled convenience.

Continuing in this pioneering spirit, JS Bank has now successfully converted 100 branches to solar power. That means all computers, servers; ATM and teller stations are now powered by solar energy.

The first of many such planned branch conversions across the nation was the Dhoraji branch Karachi in 2013 with the hope to help Pakistan to overcome energy crisis. To that end, JS Bank has always strived to set the path for others so we can all prosper together – today and tomorrow.

Pakistan, with its vast sunny lands, provides an ideal opportunity for JS Bank to utilize the solar energy for its electricity needs. It enjoys some of the best sunshine in the world for 300-odd days and is energy hungry with pronounced supply shortages. This crisis does not only require supply side options but also compels the private sector to address the growing demand for electricity.

JS Bank has always strived to benefit this country and its citizens through various green initiatives leading to an environmentally sustainable planet, converting its branches to Solar, indulging in various philanthropic activities through its charitable arm, Mahvash & Jahangir Siddiqui Foundation to supporting tree plantations. It is our principal understanding that we must contribute back to our country which has given us so much.

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