During our investigation into the recent security breach at Careem, some industry sources highlighted a faction of the white hat community that exploits startups that are vulnerable to cyber attacks, prompting Profit to look into how ethical these ‘ethical hackers’ really are. On a working day in a midsummer afternoon in 2017, a Pakistani fintech […]

Social media is abuzz with a zany suggestion of replacing the currency presently in circulation in the economy with new currency that has an expiration date on it as a measure to account for the money that is lost during transactions involving corruption. The idea is that those who buck the system will be forced […]

Is it a matter worth the evaluation to know if an organisations workforce is actively engaged or actively disengaged? Indeed, yes it is. The debate stems from the basic premise, whether the objectives of the employer and employee are in step or not. The unanimity of purpose is a binding force. Any disequilibrium in this […]