Banking Feature

2018 was a challenging year for a majority of banks due to stiff competition, operational and regulatory issues but few banks outperformed the rest despite all such issues, maintaining growth in profits while expanding the business at the same time. The operational strategies of banks reflected upon their balance sheets and theirĀ bottom lines, which showed […]

Is it a matter worth the evaluation to know if an organisations workforce is actively engaged or actively disengaged? Indeed, yes it is. The debate stems from the basic premise, whether the objectives of the employer and employee are in step or not. The unanimity of purpose is a binding force. Any disequilibrium in this […]

THE government managed to raise Rs71.704bn from the auction of Treasury bills of various tenors on August 20. Of the total, three-month T-bills fetched Rs69.653bn at a cut-off yield of 9.9564pc, followed by 12-month T-bills with Rs1.718bn at 9.9900pc and six-month T-bills with Rs0.333bn at 9.9791pc. The central bank had received total bids worth Rs71.704bn […]