ISLAMABAD (PR): Roots International Schools and Askari Bank have undergone a collaboration to nurture education in Pakistan.
This bilateral strategic relationship has been cemented to ensure the availability and transparency of education system in Pakistan.  The event opened doors for the two organizations to float their ideas for the betterment of education sector of State through their respective roles.
The high ups of RIS greeted the top management of Askari Bank at the Roots International Schools Head. The guests included Asif Country, Head Askari Bank, Imran Habib In-charge Compensation and Benefits, Hamza Recruitment officer and Zulfiqar Post Recruitment Officer. Both teams discussed their perspective on the collaboration and expressed their immense joy on the occasion. The dignitaries also discussed the plans to strengthen the bond.
The collaboration aimed at extending cooperation in business, research and sharing of resources for the uplift of academic and business activities inside the country. The participants shared a spirit of cooperation and collaboration. Corporate supervisors felt that students contribute significantly to their companies by completing special projects and offering their perspectives on different business issues. The students benefit greatly from experience of putting theory into practice and from the opportunity to work with business entities which for many of them may be their first. The memorandum of understanding aimed at providing opportunity for both organizations to undergo programme encompassing many areas that cross the government historical, political and economic ties that have always existed among communities.
The team of Roots International Schools gave presentation on the strengths and uniqueness of Roots International Schools, the newly introduced Curriculum ‘Roots Innovative Learning Programme’, ‘Nano Technology workshops’ and ‘Eco- Literacy initiatives’ and shared the result and achievements of the graduates and students of RIS.
Walid Mushtaq, CEO Roots International Schools, thanked the hosts and shared his aspirations for the provision of world class education for the wards and children of Askari Bank employees as a symbol of gratitude for this partnership. The ceremony took place in the office of RIS where the two representatives signed the MOU and paved the path for Successful, progressive and educated Pakistan.
A detailed briefing about the university college was given to visiting dignitaries by RIS officials, appraising the delegation of RIS fast-paced growth as a leading college in Pakistan, on par with international standards.

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