KARACHI – The highly malicious media campaign led by Saeed Ghani, former employee of MCB and Senator of Pakistan People’s Party, against MCB Bank Limited has irked the MCB Staff Union of Pakistan which termed it a direct attack on the bread and butter of all the bank employees.

Union President Riaafat Khan Jadoon said that it is strange to see a media campaign against the bank’s privatization after 24 years and even more strange and questionable seeing the bank’ successful performance after privatization.

“With hard work of the employees of the bank, it has contributed over Rs.
100 billion to national kitty since its privatization.
It has grown 20 times in terms of assets and deposits and has been assigned the best rating among all domestic banks by reputable foreign and local rating agencies.
Its profitability has increased by 170 times after privatization, which makes us proud for being an important part of the overall success,” he said.
Saeed Ghani has stated many times on the media that he is doing this in the public interest, otherwise, he has no issue with the chairman of the bank, however, according to union representative, this is a blatant lie.

“Is it not true that Saeed Ghani was an employee of MCB Bank Limited (Officer Grade-III and general secretary of the MCB Staff Union of Pakistan).
He was dismissed from bank’s service on account of serious charges,” according to Riaafat.

Even after his dismissal, he assumed self-proclaimed leadership by designating himself as “patron” of MCB Staff Union of Pakistan by gathering a group of ex-employees who had been lawfully terminated from the Bank on serious disciplinary issues.
He said that this is on record that on 14.
2008, he, along with certain unknown persons/outsiders interrupted banking business unlawfully by illegal shutter down, taking staff hostage in the branches, blocking entrance gates, harassing bank customers, placing banners, wall chalking with derogatory and unethical slogans, physical manhandling of staff members, damaging bank’s property including ATMs etc.

‘Is it not a matter of record that due to his unwarranted activities, the Bank filed suits/petitions before NIRC and Sindh High Court which wide their respective orders, restrained him and the miscreants from disrupting the business activity of the Bank and also directed the Home Secretary Sindh as well as IG Sindh to ensure that the orders of the Courts are enforced, he questioned.

MCB Bank also approached the Supreme Court of Pakistan, where, the bench headed by the Chief Justice of Pakistan, vide order dated 24.
2009 directed Home Secretary and Chief Secretary of Sindh to provide all protection necessary under the law, so that the Bank may function peacefully.

The above mentioned acts clearly depict the bias, venom and prejudice of Ghani, on account of his dismissal from the Bank service on charges of misconduct and on account of the fact that some FIRs have been lodged for harassment, obstruction and causing loss to the bank’s properties.
For these reasons, he is casting aspersions on a legally and validly concluded past and closed transaction.

These acts of Ghani are undoing the untiring efforts of the bank employees to make it a reputed institution and causing loss not only to a very prime institution of this country and its shareholders but to its employees and their families as well.
In the garb of doing some service to the country he is trying to advance his own agenda at the cost of national economy.

It is pertinent to mention that Saeed Ghani is still pursuing legal proceedings against the bank on his termination and trying every move to get the salaries and benefits of the last 18 years from the bank.

The union representatives said the expelled employee that went on to become a senator should not misuse his position.
They appealed to the Senate Chairman to stop the senator from distorting the facts and blackmailing the bank to push his personal agenda in disguise of serving the national interest as many of the bank’s employees which were the senator’s colleagues know very well what type of the person he was then and probably now.

They said that if Ghani has no personal agenda against the bank then he should not use his current position as a senator and take the bank to the court after resigning from the senate.


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