Openion & Anylisis

THE PTI government is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. When they procrastinated on signing up with the International Monetary Fund, there was unanimous condemnation, and their star finance minister was sent home. Now that they have signed up to the programme, there is widespread condemnation of having sold out to the […]

Now this is strange. On the morning of Wednesday, as the broadcast media remained fixated on the appearance of Maryam Nawaz before the JIT, the rupee suddenly started sliding against the dollar. Where it had remained around Rs104.8 to the dollar since the spring of 2014 — and we kept hearing that it is overvalued, how exports are […]

KARACHI: The decision by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) on Saturday to keep the policy rate unchanged at 5.75pc is in line with the expectations of the stock market stakeholders. In some brokerage houses, analysts were at odds with their treasury department colleagues who anticipated a slight cut of 25 basis points. However, market […]

Pakistan’s fiscal year runs from July to June, thus data used by most of the commentaries are for the same period, but in order to lens it with a different eye and for the sake of brevity, Geo Business Desk analyzed the numbers from January to November and here is what they have found. Foreign Investment […]

AURORA: The State Bank of Pakistan’s (SBP) Vision 2020 puts a great deal of emphasis on branchless and digital banking. In your opinion, is this emphasis justified? SALIM RAZA: Branchless banking and digitisation carry significant advantages in the acceleration of financial service penetration. In Pakistan there are an estimated 115 million mobile phone users. Mobile phones […]

The few and far between Pakistani taxpayers overloaded with backbreaking direct and indirect taxes are dumbfounded by the insensitivity and stubbornness of the state. Information in Panama Papers revealing hundreds of Pakistanis with opaque illegal overseas investments; unwillingness of the state at all tiers to come to grips; especially so when the ruling family itself […]

Naveed Zafar Ashfaq Jaffery & Co Chartered Accountants Prologue: -Government of Pakistan made certain amendments vide Tax Laws (Amendment) Ordinance, 2016 (“Ordinance”) issued on 31st August, 2016, with immediate effect except where identified in the forthcoming paragraphs. -This Ordinance has been issued without the approval of Senate and National Assembly with a statement that the […]

Pakistan total debit and liabilities swelled to Rs 22.5 trillion by last fiscal year end , a net increase of 2.6 trillion within one year according to State Bank of Pakistan.

The government raised Rs215.328bn from the auction of Pakistan Investment Bonds of various tenors held last Wednesday, despite having received bids of Rs338.157bn. It generated Rs100.731bn from three year bonds at a cut off yield of 6.20pc, Rs64.197bn from five year bonds at 6.702pc and Rs50.399bn from ten year PIBs at 7.801pc. Three year PIBs […]

A working paper by a four-member research team of the central bank has come out with a critical appreciation of the efficacy of monetary and fiscal policies in combating recessionary trends and putting sagging economies on the path of sustainable growth. The observations/conclusions reached by the researchers in some ways deviate from the dogmatic approach. […]