KARACHI (APP): Senior Vice President of Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), Sheikh Khalid Tawab has emphasised on enhancing intra-OIC trade as the volume of trade among OIC countries is simply 19 percent of total trade of OIC members. Despite close geographical proximity, religious and cultural ties and similarities and available natural and man-made resources, the trade profile is disappointing, he said in a statement here on Thursday. FPCCI leader said the Muslim countries had enormous resources and potential to succeed, but the task was to transform the potential into real asset. Promotion of economic linkage within the Muslim communities by creating opportunities could help generate greater flow of capital from within and beyond the Islamic world. He indicated that the OIC bloc was the largest bloc in the world in terms of number of countries; represented one fourth of total land with 22 percent of the world population.

The share of OIC member states in global GDP was only 8 percent and they constitute nearly 2 percent of world trade. Senior Vice President further stated that there was great need to promote integration amongst the Islamic Countries in the era of globalization and absence of unity among the OIC countries was the biggest challenge in the present situation in Islamic countries.

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