KARACHI: The State Bank on Wednesday directed all banks to stop discriminating against senior citizens and pensioners and facilitate them in opening accounts.

In a circular, the central bank advised all banks, including microfinance banks, to facilitate opening of bank accounts and provide banking facilities including ATM cards, credit cards, etc. to senior citizens and pensioners ‘without any discrimination’.

It has been emphasised that senior citizens are an important and priority segment of our society who deserve special and dignified conduct, said the circular.

Banks including microfinance banks were advised to ensure high level conduct by their employees while dealing with senior citizens and pensioners.

Any violation of SBP instructions would be dealt with in accordance with the relevant provisions of Banking Companies Ordinance, the circular said.

“The SBP has been receiving complaints that some banks were reluctant in opening bank accounts and providing banking facilities including ATM cards, credit cards, etc. to the senior citizens and pensioners on one pretext or another. Such discriminatory practices have been viewed seriously by State Bank,” the circular added.

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