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Dear Madam/Sir,

                       The Banker Pakistan is an exclusive weekly magazine & web portal on banking & finance sector of Pakistan. “The Banker Pakistan (TBP)’’ is being published/broadcast under the aegis of “Pakistan Broadcasting Company”. Currently, TBP print edition is being furbished on monthly basis and very soon it would become a weekly on regular basis.

TBP is a key source of news, information, data, interviews and analysis for the banking & financial industry of Pakistan specially and for world generally. TBP is aimed to provide   unique database of major banks and financial institutions maps their business, financial strength and soundness via Tier 1 capital, their profitability and their performance versus their peers. TBP quickly keeps updated to its customer/subscribers/visitors regarding latest changes in rules and regulations, markets ups and downs, information technologies and expertise, Trends and restraints, risks and benefits, needs and burdens, researches and analyses and deals and mergers in financial world. We act as a premier banking and financial resource center by providing financial intelligence and have built a reputation for objective and incisive reporting on major events. TBP is a unique source of information comes from reliable sources. Each business day, its pages include a broad range of information of interest and significance to business-minded people. Not just stocks and finance, but anything and everything in the whole fast-moving financial world. TBP is focused to highlight the services of financial sector of Pakistan with coverage that has a reputation for accuracy, authority and integrity. TBP is also running its comprehensive web portal to ease and to keep its users well-informed. This worldwide web portal is a complete archive & resource center on banking & finance sector of Pakistan.

Your esteemed organization’s contribution in financial industry of Pakistan is remarkable. You are requested to regularly send us your press releases, news and other material may publish in our print pages and web portal free of cost.

Moreover, TBP is specially designed to provide excellent sponsorship opportunities for targeting specific markets and customers. You will have some exclusive branding opportunities on its pages which will highlight your organization portfolio, brands and services all across the world. We offer very economical rates to our valuable clients for advertisements. Ads published/broadcast at our print & web pages have a special impact as “The Banker Pakistan” is an exclusive web portal & mag which stands as No.1 archive & resource center on banking & finance sector. Thousands of visitors’ across the world daily visits our website and thousands of Pakistani businessmen read out our print “Mag” to keep himself updated about the financial industry of Pakistan. We have more than 0.1 million regular online subscribers, as we update any news and article on our website that directly goes into their inbox. Our subscribers’ database consists of bankers, finance managers, regulatory bodies, chamber of commerce and industries, trade bodies, business management institutes, chambers of small traders, traders associations and business groups. Brands and services advertised through our web portal and print pages will have special place in minds and hearts of our visitor, readers and subscribers. You are requested to place your advertisements, corporate info and brands/services introductions on our print pages and web portal. Your kind cooperation in this regard will be highly appreciated, and will enable us to deliver regular services to you and financial industry of Pakistan.

Thanks in advance!


Abbas Khan Dasti 

Managing Editor,

The Banker Pakistan

1st Floor, Trust Plaza, LMQ Road, Multan.

Phone: +92614000006, 4543001

Mobile: +3008732035



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