ISLAMABAD: Simple majority of people across the country believe that only those earning regular salary can have bank accounts.

According to survey conducted by Gallup Pakistan for the State Bank of Pakistan, 51% Pakistanis believe it is true that only people earning a regular salary can have a bank account whereas 46% people state that it is false.

“These results are a part of the nationwide Access to Finance Study conducted by the State Bank of Pakistan in 2015 with the intent of determining the degree of financial inclusiveness of the Pakistani public.”

This press release is part of a special series that aim to foster an empirical understanding of financial inclusion in Pakistan and that hope to create a collaborative network of individuals working on the topic.

A nationally representative sample of 10,626 men and women from across the four provinces was asked, “I am going to read some sentences on financial services. Please tell me if you believe whether they are true, false or if you don’t know: Only persons having a regular salary can open a bank account.” In response to this question, a majority of Pakistanis i.e. 51% said that the above mentioned statement is true. On the other hand, 46% said that it is false while 4% also said that they weren’t sure or that they didn’t know if it was true or false.

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